Yumab founders have been awarded the 2016 IHK Technology Transfer Prize

Yumab CEO Thomas Schirrmann, Yumab CSO Dr. Andre Frenzel, as well as Prof. Stefan Dübel and Prof. Michael Hust of Braunschweig University have been selected as winners of the 2016 Technology Transfer Prize of the Braunschweig Chamber of Commerce (IHK).
The four scientists received the 10.000 Euro award in a ceremony at Friday 4th Nov, attended by the Vice President of Lower Saxony parliament and Members of the German Bundestag. In his laudation, Prof. Gramm, Speaker of the Jury, mentioned both the impressive growth of the still very young startup company and the ongoing strong cooperation between Yumab and the University as main reasons for the decision of the Jury. He described the long and tedious technology transfer process and the excellent worldwide reputation of the Institute and the founders, which paved the way for the success of Yumab. He particularly praised that Yumab allows a quicker and more cost effective access to human antibodies, allowing a broader use of this important class of therapeutics in the future for the benefit of the patients.
In a presentation on the scientific background, awardee Prof. Dübel acknowledged in particular the very supportive atmosphere for applied science in Germanys oldest engineering university as a key factor for the successul spin-off. He indicated that Yumab had already acquired more than 30 customers from seven different countries, ranging from the americas to asia, and for the second time in a row doubled its yearly sales.