Recombinant antibody production

YUMAB provides production of recombinant antibodies in mammalian cells and E. coli.

Yumabs (scFv-Fc) – our standard format for custom monoclonal antibodies – is produced in mammalian cells from small scale to more than 100 mg. Standard purification is protein A affinity chromatography and desalting. Additional purification options are avalaible on request.

Yumabs are suitable for many final application and are a convenient bridge to therapeutic antibody development during early lead discovery. YUMAB provides conversion into many additional recombinant antibody formats including production and purification on request.

    • Yumab (scFv-Fc, different Fc species and isoforms)
    • full IgG (different species and isoforms)
    • scFv (different tags, also in vivo¬†biotinylated)
    • Fab
    • scFab
    • single chain IgG
    • enzyme fusions (e.g. alkaline phosphatase, ribonuclease, …)
    • bispecific antibodies (various formats)
    • many others on request

An overview can be found here.