Sciomics – Antibody meets microarray

Sciomics GmbH from Heidelberg, Germany, offers standard and customized production as well as application of antibody microarrays to analyze complex protein samples.


PEPperPRINT GmbH from Heidelberg, Germany, offers standard and customized peptide microarrays with their proprietary LASER peptide printing technology which combines high spot densities with content flexibility, production speed and quality in a uniquely cost-effective manner.

Pep 4LS GmbH

High quality peptide synthesis – performance in peptide antigen synthesis perfectly integrated in our panning pipeline. Order via our website, if you want to add antigen synthesis to our project.

Cambridge Protein Arrays

Cambridge Protein Arrays Ltd. offers products and services in the area of protein microarrays, including HuProt™ arrays with more than 17,000 unique human proteins, which are designed for screening of antibody specificity, autoimmune antibodies and small molecule interactions. CPA has developed a proprietary DNA-Array-to-Protein-Array (DAPA) to print protein arrays directly from DNA template arrays.