Acceleration of therapeutic human antibody discovery

YUMAB’s mission is to accelerate the antibody discovery and development with high success-rate by providing all steps from early hit discovery to lead optimization in one place. YUMAB’s advanced in vitro antibody selection and engineering technologies are provided as modular services, which can be individually combined and tailored for each project.

The quality of YUMAB’s proprietary libraries and technologies has been proven in many projects. First products are on the markets.

Attractive price models and optional licensing

YUMAB’s services are free of third party obligations, which allows flexible and attractive price and licensing models ranging from fee for service solutions to partnerships. We can offer tailor-made deal terms to partners with minimum or no royalty charges, but we can also keep entry costs low by optional license agreements for academic labs and biotec startups.

Human antibodies

Human Immunoglobulin G 1 (IgG1)

From research to translation

YUMAB provides its broad portfolio of technologies and tailored solutions for antibody discovery and antibody engineering not only for therapeutic development but also for research and diagnostics. Our mission is to make our technologies and services affordable for academic researchers, biotech startups and small-medium biotech companies without the burden of the previous exorbitant upfront and license costs. YUMAB’s flexible, customer oriented project planning and flexible option licensing agreements facilitate the translation from research to commercial application.

Antibody quality

Many antibody research reagents available today are of low quality, which results in an estimated economic loss of about 800 million US$ every year. YUMAB aims to improve the quality of antibodies as research reagents to facilitate scientists to obtain antibodies that just work. YUMAB builts on the broad experience from several large proteome research consortia with the goal to establish comprehensive replenishable antibody collections for all human proteins, variants and post-translational modifications thereof. Successful delivery of hundreds of novel monoclonal antibodies for a project is one of our proven capabilities.