Custom antibody generation

YUMAB provides rapid large-scale custom generation of recombinant monoclonal antibodies for research and diagnostics in <6 weeks.

YUMAB’s advanced in vitro phage display platform employs its proprietary universal human antibody gene libraries (HAL) or custom immune libraries. We obtain very high success rates to all types of antigens including small molecules, peptides, proteins, protein complexes, virus particles and cells. Antibodies to >300 antigens, mostly of human origin, have been successfully generated.

YUMAB tightly controls the in vitro selection conditions for higher specificity, lower cross-reactivity (e.g., homologous proteins or isoforms), the highest assay compatibility (e.g., adjusted to buffer, pH, salt conditions), or to guide specificity to certain epitopes (e.g., individual phosphorylations, blocking protein functions, sandwich antibody pair isolation).

Yumabs are bivalent scFv-Fc antibodies that are functionally equivalent to IgG in almost all assays. The Fc origin can be chosen from different species (human, mouse, rabbit, rat) and isotype by the customer. Additional tags can be requested. Yumabs are produced in mammalian cells under serum-free conditions and are delivered as purified proteins.

YUMAB also offers conversion into various other recombinant antibody formats including full IgGs, scFv, Fab, and different bispecific antibody formats and fusion proteins.

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