Therapeutic antibody development

YUMAB provides tailored services for the development of fully human monoclonal antibodies for all therapeutic indications. We offer service modules covering the whole process from antibody hit discovery to lead development and optimization.

YUMAB’s proprietary HAL human antibody libraries (>1.5×1010) and advanced phage display in vitro selection technology provide very high success rates and single-digit nanomolar affinities from the start. YUMAB employs mammalian expression during early screening in different antibody product formats to assure drugability of our lead candidates.

YUMAB provides tailored selection conditions to achieve the highest specificity and to solve complex problems like difficult target antigens or human-mouse/rat cross-reactivity.

The therapeutic antibody development can be linked with other YUMAB service modules including target discovery, customized libraries, humanization, and antibody engineering (affinity maturation, optimization of stability and production). Antibody engineering can be performed in different final antibody product formats (e.g., scFv, Fab, IgG, bispecifics, fusion proteins) to improve the antibody discovery and optimization process.

YUMAB offers fee for service solutions, flexible deal structures and option license agreements.